Children of Emaús



Dear Friends,

We are very grateful for your very kind generosity and help given to the Santa’s Stockings for the EMAUS children.. This was such a wonderful item to give the children on Christmas Day, when so many of them will not have been with their families at this special time. It was such a lovely surprise for them.

The children’s homes are in great need of your help, as the funding the EMAUS Association gets from the Generalitat never covers all the expenses.

The EMAUS children’s shelters house Children from six to eighteen years who have no other home to go to, either because of an impossible family environment or in some cases because they have no family at all. We are involved in helping nine shelters for children on the Costa Blanca. Most of the Shelters house up to eight children at a time, with the aim of creating as much of a family environment as possible, however, the largest of the Shelters can house up to thirty children. Included in the shelters we assist is the Baby Unit, where babies from birth to six years live, and the children who live with their mothers at the Woman’s Shelter.

The Friends of the Children of EMAUS’s sole purpose is to help in whatever way we can to improve the lives of the children. To do this we run fund-raising events and work with other groups, businesses and individuals to raise money to buy much needed items for the Children. Over the last ten years, with help from people like yourselves, we have raised 250,000 € to help the EMAUS children.

Thank you again for your very generous collaboration with the Santa’s Stockings, and thank you for improving the lives of the EMAUS children.

For further information please go to our webpage, find us on Facebook or contact us on

Kind Regards,

Carole Saunder

CIF:  G – 54138805