Resident’s tax declaration for 2016

Anyone who is resident in Spain and spending more than 183 days a year in this country and receives worldwide income over the amount of the threshold set by the Spanish tax office is legally obliged to make an annual tax declaration. If you earn under 22.000€ per year and the income received is only from one source, you don’t need to submit a return. Those with income from more than one source which total more than 12.000€ and where the second source is over 1.500€ are obliged to submit a return.

Once registered in the Spanish tax system, you can obtain a “certificate of fiscal residence” which is needed in order to receive UK pensions without deduction of tax at source and to sell a property without suffering a retention of 3% of the selling price. If you wish to benefit when selling a property or maybe obtaining a refund, don’t hesitate in contacting us for advice.

Now is the time to make the declaration for the year 2016. Rental income from properties as well as sales of property during the calendar year 2016 must be declared at the same time as part of the annual declaration. As you will be aware, the tax authorities in Spain are trying to increase revenue and are clamping down on non-declarers in a big way, especially those receiving pensions from overseas. Once they start looking into it they can go back 4 years with the consequent penalties.

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